What to do when you get a LOW offer for your car

My car is NOT cool.

There isn't many nice things that you could say about this fucker. We got scratches and dents peppered across the doors. There's the crack in my grill. The tires are gross. Some discoloration that isn't rust. Not sure. I won't mention what the inside looks like but if I were to talk about it, I'd say there's dirt, coffee, and maybe beer stains.

When you have a shitty car people feel the need to let you know. Like it's their duty. You hear all this bullshit, "You're not a kid anymore, you cant drive that". Or "You need new tires, breaks, an oil change and a drivers side door" and " Did your window just fly off on the highway?" Blah blah blah. I'm well aware of the situation.

The Hyundai served me well, therefore, I feel the need to compliment it. What I respect about this car is that it has stood the test of time. I drove it for 8 years. As they say the best ability is availability. Like a Matthew Slater, you know? You could throw this car in the compressor, crush it within an inch of its life and drive it out the lot. It also has around 84k miles. Not awful for a 18 year old car.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to get a new car. During the process of purchasing said vehicle, the sales person asked me if I wanted to trade in my car. Hell ya, Let the games begin buddy. Look, this car is shit but its reliable. Any 16 year old looking for their first car would be lucky to have it. Sure its not flashy, like a Ferrari or Margot Robbie, but it got me from point A to B, every time. More like a Danny Devito. You know what your getting day in day out.

So, the paperwork consisted of all these questions about the cars condition, make/model, year. They ask me to take pictures. I oblige and filled out this 50 page questionnaire. A bit too thorough in my opinion. I get told that I'll hear back same day. Sure, Maybe you'll hear from me maybe you wont.

I'd consider myself a negotiation savant.For example, I went to Italy in June, and was strolling the cobblestones, when an absolute pearl caught my eye. A leather jacket that absolute fucked. Had to have it. Price tag was 450. I feel like any article of clothing over 2o0 bucks is a bit unnecessary, but, It's my money, I WILL hammer the winners. In the end, I Bully'd this guy down to 300. I felt bad. It was theft in broad daylight. Woulda payed 600. Sucker.

Anyway, I get the notification that the offer is in : $200

What a slap in the face. A waste of time. History, effort, and consistency all disrespected in the highest way possibly. That's like 5 sandwiches in 2024. No honor in business I guess.

I thought it over and made a decision. Doesn't matter what I did.

Here's my advice when someone gives you a shitty offer for your car: Think about taking it because your car probably sucks.