We got an update on Winston Churchill's teeth

Apparently, someone has been holding onto Winston Churchill's fake teeth and just sold them for 18,000 pounds.

Imagine, being that ridiculously wealthy that you shell out almost 20 grand for some guys teeth. You have to be the man. Or woman. Not sure who bought them. Scratch that, there's 0% chance that a woman bought this. This is a man move.

Where do you put them though. They don't go in your living room. It's not a piece that you display like a painting or an ornament or whatever you put in your living room. Certainly not your kitchen. Bedroom? That conversation wouldn't go well with this guys wife. Process of elimination tells me that things going in the attic. At the end of the day it's for this guy to say that he has Churchys teeth somewhere. Next party he goes to he tells EVERYBODY within 15 minutes that hes got this guys teeth.

Antique collectors are a different breed.