Florida says "Beat it" to Spring Break

Florida says "Beat it" to Spring Break

Best news of the week.

On Wednesday The BBC reported Florida is essentially eliminating Spring Break. State lawmakers are attempting to shift the atmosphere of Floridian cities to family friendly environments.

Amen. Spring break is hell. Way too many sweaty, drunks idiots runnin around causing mayhem. See photo above. You stay in a 10 x 10 room with a thousand people, 0 sleep, and eat Cheetos for 3 days. I once saw a girl get so drunk she wandered into a game of hail mary with the Jacksonville state basketball team. In the pool. Ugly.

It's basically like going to war. You go into the weekend prepared. Bags are packed, rooms are booked, reservations, all that shit and leave with someone else's t-shirts and a rash.

Florida is a respectable state with a respectable reputation and filled with respectable people. Bring back family values and experiences to this great state! God bless the government!