Scottie Scheffler Did What?

He putted well!? It's been a horror show the last few months but all those putts on the practice mats payed off. He finally gets a win @ Bayhill.

Nobody actually gives shit because golf is pretty much just the major tournaments now(Travelers, FedEx playoffs, The Match), but in the spirit of competition, good for Scottie. $4 million bucks is a nice kicker as well.

As a fan, that golf course looked busty. Long as it gets. Way too much water. 6 foot rough. 15 under is disgusting.

I'd like to briefly touch on Scotties appearance. By my calculations, he has gotten a few more gray hairs. I thought the addition of the beard was a nice touch, but he looked disheveled. I picture him sitting in his house slowly losing his mind from this putting situation. Like the Spongebob gif of him rocking back and forth at Patrick's place/rock. Or even an old time general during war time. Messy hair, sweat stains, mustard on the shirt.

Luckily he's world numero uno and could care less what I think.