Leo’s best movie is Gatsby…. And it’s not close

A - list celebrity Ole’ Leo DiCaprio. Most known for headlining some big time movies as well as getting acclimated with younger woman, Leo has quite the pedigree. A little to liberal but that’s just the price you have to pay in Hell-ywood.

The list of movies Leo stars in goes on, and he has quite the resume. Some of my favorites would be the Departed, where he plays an undercover Massachusetts trooper trying to uncover the crimes of Bostons Irish mob. What a cast and what a movie. Django, another great one also starring the ultra talented Jamie Foxx was a difficult role for Leo but great performance. And of course his thrillers like Shutter Island and Inception are also some all time films. Haven’t even mentioned Titanic or Wolf Of Wall Street. You get it.

But Leo’s best performance far and away is Gatsby. I think it’s a little overlooked because the style of movie, based on a novel, and it came out in between some of his bigger movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio delivers an exceptional performance as the enigmatic Jay Gatsby, capturing his charm, charisma, and underlying desperation. After reading the novel in High School, we watched the movie, that most - myself included did not pay attention to. Was probably on clash of clans or 8 Ball Pool. But it’s easy to watch a Leo movie, and the mysterious aura of the character Jay Gatsby leaves room for intrigue. So I watched it again and have seen it a handful of times. The movie had a more modern feel while still take Place in the roaring 20s, what a time. Massive Parties filled with drugs and alcohol. Now I’m not going to here and bore you with spoilers or underlying themes and the green light or the big clock. All I want to ephasize is that this is Leos best performance hands down and deserved and Oscar.

Leo in real life has a little Gatsby to him, I think So he fit this role to a T. On the money, some Leo and Mr Jay Gatsby have plenty of! Oh and Toby McGuire is in the movie - the Spider-Man nerd.

"If there's anything that you want, just ask for it, old sport." - Gatsby