Humpback Whales get weird

SkyNews reported last week that for the first time in history researchers photographed Humpback Whales having sex. Males humpbacks.

Now, this is a biological act, and in my book love is love, but naturally when you see a story like this you have a lot of questions.

One of which being, how has nobody photographed a whale having sex before? It's 2024! My FBI agent knows everything about me. They probably know exactly how I'm going to write this blog before I even write it. NOBODY in history has taken a boat ride, dropped a camera into the water and snapped a quick pic of Whales gettin after it? I don't believe it. Someone has thousands of whales humping hoarded somewhere and just doesn't want to share it with the public. There is millions and millions of whales. It's just a numbers game. You could be at the beach taking a video of some guy eating his burrito in a weird way and accidentally get a side show with whales in the harbor flip flopping all over each other.

Another thing. By the looks of it, the boys are belly to belly. How's this work? Nevermind, I see it now, their in like a figure 8 formation that you would only be able to perform in the water.

If anyone has other pics shoot them my way. I'm Fascinated.