Are fat people not fat?

Sometimes, during the day I consider life's great mysteries. Does Leo end up living or dying at the end of inception? Does the apple actually not fall far from the tree? Aliens???

All unanswered, complex questions that the world has not had the chance to solve yet.

I am not here to shed light on any of these topics.

What I am here to do is consider the situation that poses large individuals. As a politically correct man, I will not disparage the struggles of the large. Our big brethren go through enough on the daily. I have compassion.

A thought trotted through my brain today that needed to be addressed.

Are fat people actually fat?

Consider, It's just what people call other people who have extra mass. You can gain or shed mass whenever you want. (For 99% of people.) (I think, I'm not a doctor). Say for example, a person(thick) were to shed the weight(Not thick). Are they still considered fat? Not if your look at them. Imagine looking at a skinny person and being asked "Do you consider this person fat?". The answer would be no. Although, if you ask that same person that lost weight, "Are you fat?" they may consider themselves fat. Carrying the mentality of being big forever.

This concept could be a parallel to anything. Gingers. If I queued up a picture of (Formerly)Prince Harry and asked a crowd, is this man a ginger? The response would be a resounding no, he's a deserter and a scumbag. Some may say yes. What if prince harry dyes his hair? Is he still a ginger? Does he still think hes a ginger? Maybe both could be true.

I don't have the answers to life's toughest questions like aliens or Prince Harry's thought process. My job is to illuminate challenges and let the public decide.